Thursday, July 16, 2009

Munna and pappu to prepare karkidaka Kanji- The medicinal poridge

Munna and pappu are going to prepare karkidaka kanji, right useage would be going to learn how to prepare karkidaka kanji- The medicinal poridge. Biga was explaining me about the importance of Karkidaka maasam which will start from tomorrow.

karkidaka kanji

He says leafy Vegetables are considered to be toxic these days in ayurveda and they advise to have a karkidaka kanji to ensure proper body functioning. I never had it before. I think this will be like his chakka paisam which he made before. I will have an article coming up on Biga's akkidikal after this.

Anyway Biga is a good cook and taste matters. I have learned some dishes from him and the way he prepares them appears bit scientific. He has contacts with a lot of scientists through Swadeshi science movement. I think this has influenced him have all this info.

Karkidaka kanji prepared by Biga; I am expecting it to be the same. Atlest it cannot be a karkidaka paisam even if Biga prepares it.

Refer to the following manorama page for the ingredients of karkidaka kanji.
Karkidaka kanji ingredients

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