Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting lord Aiyappa on Byke

My uncle visit sabarimala each month on Byke. It was 5 months prior when my uncle called me to bring my byke to kayankulam. The next day morning we left kayankulam to Sabarimala to meet lord aiyappa. It was too cool and the journey adventurous. You need to be a good driver to drive on the hilly roads. There are a lot of S turns on the sabarimala road.


You should be vigilant at the vehicle coming from the opposite direction because you are driving up and others down on a not too wide road. we reached sabarimala by 8 AM, had a bath at pamba which was scarce with water. Later we kept our bags and helmet in a shop at sabarimala. My uncle know most of the policeman and the shop owners at sabarimala and sannidhanam.

We reached sannidhanam and worshiped lord Aiyappa before 1 PM. I still remember how hot the floor was , and we need to run for malikapuram amma's darshan.
Later we had a cool bath at Bhasmakulam. It was the first time I was having my bath at bhasmakulam in sabarimala.

I think you will be able to worship lord aiyappa more closely and fo more time if it is not a season time.

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