Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marathon IT Kitchen meets held daily at 8AM in Cochin

Marathon IT kitchen meets are held daily at 8 AM in cochin. Palace in Tripunithura are the main working centers of these marathon kitchen meet.

It guys are really gona rock and rap, and book a bed in the hospital if they keep on working with this schedule. I am woking late nights, all IT guys have the same "rona-dhona". Hey! I heard someone saying "Bill gates is working 16 hours to 22 hours, so why cant we?". he he ha ha, Bill gates spends 10,000 USD and had thousands of people working under him.. why dont you guys say that? Anyway the post is not on Bill gates so let him go for the dinner.

Marathon IT Kitchen meet

Ok the main theme behind this article is the marthon IT meets held at cochin. This began when I decided to eat at home to avoid the problems of hotel food. If you gona get to work at 9 Am and get back at 8 PM , when are you going to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner made. So we are having the so called marathon meets where we wake up at 8 Am in the morning and all are busy cutting vegetables, boiling rice, making breakfast. We the IT guys organize it in our kitchen, so it's called marathon IT kitchen meet

It was after a long research and experience that I came with a plan for marathon meet. I was facing problems preparing my breakfast, lunch and dinner due to lack of time and mismanagement and wong planning. So why dont I have a plan for my kitchen like the ones we have for our projects. We decided to have our best been given in the morning to get the breakfast and the lunch prepared.

Marathon IT kitchen meet process:

I will descibe the marathon IT meet with two pople including you ie. you, first and second. That does not mean you are named 'third', you are named 'you'.

1. For a better and competitive marathon meet, you need to get up in the morning at 8 AM, have first cut vegetbles, second wash rice and keep it in a vessel for boiling. Let second brush his teeth and have his bath. Meanwhile heat a pan and have the onion from amoung the vegetables been cut to be fried first.

2. while the onions are been fried, have the rest of vegetables ready for cooking by cutting them. Try to keep a little heat with the pan and more with the vessel in which rice is been boiled.

3. After you have the vegetables cut and onion fried put masalas and leave it for the small flames by having the lid closed.

4. Now have your teeths brushed and get ready to add salt within the curry, get the first to look after the curry. Taste the curry and meanwhile you will have the water boiling. Put it out from the flames and keep it in the thermal cooker.

5. Close the thermal cooker and you will have it ready for your lunch or dinner.

6. ready to make a upuma, puttu or chapatti for the breakfast and handle it over to second who might have had his bath till now, let first to brush his teeth. Jump like a mad man into the bathroom and have your bath.

7. After you are back; let the second cooking, to have his dress ironed and meanwhile you take the responsibility of kitchen.

8. Send the first who had his brushing over for a bath. After he is back from bathing, handle him with the cooking.

9. now you have to iron your clothes and the second who has completed ironing clothes has to eat food. Let him watch TV and you have food while the third irons cloth because fod is prepared.

10. Then what? Kahani khatham. marathon finished... off to office. Aur kya..

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  1. Man!!!! you are very comical.. your marathon sounds awesome. I just wonder what would happen when either of you get a call in between your schedule. The fun would start then..messing up the entire show.. ha ha ha :)


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