Saturday, July 18, 2009

Malayalees to protest iphone stores in cochin- Funda vanda sab hain thanda

Apple is again on the Indian soil with its new version of iphone, iphone 3G S. Yes nahi S, and is said to be the most powerful iphone. I am glad to hear it did not say the most powerful phone. I still remember when there was a lot of news on iphone and I planned to purchase one.

apple iphone in cochin

I made the minds of a couple of my collegues to purchase it. It was discussed in newspapers, magazines, blogs.. everywhere.."hey! iphone to launch 3G touch for $199 only".

"Bapu ki dukaan and bapu ka maal, kuch bhi bolo", I think that should be the right sentence to describe it. apple gave iphone features and its cost of $199 in the website. Till the launch date people in cochin were happy and eager to see it and purchase the same. I was teasing all my friends who bought another sets and were sad to see iphone with a touch is so cheap.

On the launch date it was declared iphone 3G at rupees 35,000 only. Udumbaa!, all dreams and all imagination vanished into cochin's water collected roads. It took a long time to recover from it.

And now see here comes the pappu with the new dialogue. The fastest and cheapest phone. Hey! kuch bhi bolte hain kya. We the cochinites are planning to protest iphone.... mm.. in our minds.

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