Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lubricating liquid everywhere- Caught up in a reverie

My uncle is coming today from my home. He went there to leave my sister who came at kerala for her vacations. My mother called me in the morning and said that she had sent some sweets and I should collect the same from the railway station. I am always astonished when I look into my life and the things that happen, see I have to go to the railway station and it is raining heavily.

rain and umbrella

I think the gods drank a lot of water the last night. I am cought up in a reverie, I can see sweets around me, laddu, peda, and some namken items. It is not that you wont get these things here to buy, the problem is you wont get the things prepared by your mother here.

It is 8:17 AM now and I have the train arraiving at Ernakulam south station around 9:30 AM. I do not have a raicoat purchased, otherwise I would have no probs. Anyway when I plan to do something, I always get it done. Now it is to see how my reduced fever gets increased by the lubricating liquid sent by gods.

Oh.. its getting late I am going to have a bath and get ready for station.

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