Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Levis strauss style- Jockey acquired Levis in Ernakulam

In ernakulam you would see a new fashion, which is a result of the acquisition of Jockey, the underwear manufacturer over levis strauss, the jeans manufacturer. Brand makes a lot of meaning in lifestyle, I understand this when I look at the people in Ernakulam. When I was in my college days, guys used to wear jeans of levis strauss and trigger to show off the brand and their status. This was symbol of growth and advancement. This is been acquired by the enhusiasts who would like to be quiet different than the others.

street 3.0 looks with levis strauss

Ernakulam has a new style, Now you do now give importance on a single part but you have to project all the valuable entities you use. People have now given up wearing and projecting the same branded jeans or trosure looks, they have decided to go steet 3.0

Street 3.0, a branded terminology used by me at describing such persons and their style. The description about their appearance is beyond explanation but still I would try explaining it.

Street 3.0 is wearing loose jeans of levis strauss or a popular brand and having them a bit bigger than your waist, so that they have your valuable and branded underwears been projecting outwards. You need to have a short T-shirt making your brand identities to show-off. The most important thing you should ensure is to have a hippopottamus skin embedded into yours.

Jockey acquired levis strauss

YO! to the stylish guys who would never mind walking around the streets and sand of indian origin with a britisher look. Sorry I would not like to entertain britishers as they dress more decent.

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