Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kitchen king awards in Cochin - First prize to Puttu ulathiyathu

Puttu ulathiyathu is the favourite dish of the residents in Cochin. Puttu ulathiyathu is a rare combination of taste and sweet smell. It is a dish that can be prepared in 15 minutes, most suitable for the professionals who use to cook at their own kitchen. My friend Biga recently discovered this dish after he ate pork ulathiyathu from mamma's restaurant at Petta, cochin. There were a lot of dishes with the name ulathiyathu at last.So he decided to discover one by his own.

puttu ulathiyathu by Biga


1. A cup of water
2. Rava or Wheat powder or Rice powder
3. Salt to taste
4. Coconut grinded

Steps to prepare:

1. Put some salt in the powdered rice, rava or wheat which ever is available and wet it with water. Don’t pour the water over the powder rather sprinkle, till it forms a mixture.
2. Heat the puttu kodam with water in it. You could fill the kodam half, so that it is able to give you 2-3 puttu prepared.
3. Fill the mixed powdered mixture into the cylindrical top of the puttu kudam till the mixture reaches top. Leave some space on the top and place grinded coconut.
4. Close the lid above.
5. After you notice some steam coming out, it is time for you to understand that the puttu is cooked.
6. Serve it on a plate and keep it 1 meter in front of you.
7. This step is the most important , that you should do with full determination and confidence. Try staring you eyes over the served puttu and say the wordings “Powderil ninnum puttu ayitu nee enthu aanu ulathiyathu”8. If you said it without missing the actual pronounciation, then your puttu ulathiyathu is ready.

You will be able to make out that puttu ulathiyathu is ready, from the face of puttu which will be shy after your dialogue.

This was the dish discovered by Biga and he is expected to receive the next kitchen king awards in Cochin.


  1. haha. i was seriously reading, expecting a wonderful new recipe...! grrr... vayanakkareyum ulathiyalle..

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    The post was intended to expose the name ulathiyathu which is attached to each dish.

  3. Put vellathil kidannu ulajo....


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