Saturday, July 4, 2009

John Abraham aka Abhi to pose for chest xray

We all have to witness that drastic truth in life, fever. Yes fever! but this was really drastic when I discovered I had to loose nearly 3000 Rupees just for a fever.

xray report medical trust

Today I went to the medical trust hospital and gave my xray bill after paying it at the cash counter to the xray technician. The nurse at the reception directed me to the room where I had to take the xray. When I entered the room I saw a girl(another nurse), she instructed me to remove my t-shirt, and chain. I was feeling as if john Abraham is there for a model watch and John is posing for the xray. She directed me to be in front of two rods attached to wooden stand and to be on it with my chest touching the steel pane and my neck above it. She said me to have my breath stopped when she instructs me.

After 10 seconds she said ok catch your breath and then in 3 seconds " ok it is finished, you may leave". it was my first time for an xray. My friend Biga says if a person takes xray more than 5 times in his life he may have his chromosomes infected. I dont know, may be I will have to search for it. Anyway i am not going to have the xray again and again.

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