Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harry Puttar, Harry Potter or Hermaine to be viewed in new releases of the movie at Ernakulam

Harry potter and the dash dash... movies are more popular in India than abroad. Children are more eager to watch the Harry potter and mothers their harry Puttar in the cenema halls. Parents find it a sign of social advancement to have their daughters and son's watch and read the harry potter series. "Manju, he baba get ready to go to the shop this evening. We should be the first to buy harry potter in the building." When are mothers going to recover from the never ending advancement and extra neighbourhood competitions.

harry potter in ernakulam

Try to understand your economy, and writers locally. Too much advise from a growing boy. May be I am able to give such advise as I dont eat bonvita daily. Bonvita was tested with the people living in two buildings and I was amoung the ones who was not given bonvita.

hermaine of harry potter

I went through a portal and found some cute photos of hermaine in harry potter. Children have grown but not their dresses. Modern culture is inverse, if you grow older you wear shorter.

Harry potter's new series is expected to attract a lot of children and ofcourse me. But a common advise to parents not to waste the childs weekends on harry potter books and series just to win the competition. It wont make much to say my son is intelligent reading a harry potter book and the one who didnt read is a dumb... NAAAAA!!!

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  1. Very true.. I go with you. I did like Harry potter for its creative fantasy.. But I am not addicted to it. And yeah its becoming a super fashion to say I read HP, My kid watches HP etc... its absolutely not so worth to call it that way.. Time pass is just time pass.. nothing more than that. If in future my kid loves reading books I would get them panchathantra or some stories with good moral rather than raw fantasy.


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