Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Gundu mani", An asset to Royal bakery

I am alone in the room staring at the walls and watching film Tirupathy. Ajith has done a drastic role in this film, I feel like crying. He is in the movie with a new fashion style, belt across waist, leg, and collar of his shirt. Seems he is for a promotion of belt manufacturers.

While I was thinking about the old things, the scene a day before yesterday came to my mind. We; Jk, me and Biga were in the Royal bakery to have lime juice, that was later changed to ice cream with shake, mango ice-cream and mango juice after going through the menu. We decided to have limejuice and it last with … ha ha… This is not the first time we have changed our menu.

When I speak about Royal bakery, I should not forget the main character, Gundu mani the hero of our story. Gundu mani is the person who provides baked eatables that are closed within glass sealed containers to the customers. I do not know his real name but I call him by the name gundu mani( chubby chick dimpled chin boy). He is always greeting people with his smile and broken Malayalam or to say better kanamalam(mix of kannada and Malayalam).

(hey! this is me, not gundu mani; dont confuse)

You will understand only some of his words but the dumble dore boy will entertain you till you have your food down your stomach. I like the way he speaks and walk, he is like a …mm... How can I compare him? He is like a payar within Suhiyan.

I like to have the double ducker Banana roast (Valiyettan Param pori) from Royal bakery which is a single BLD dish (Breakfast Lunch Dinner dish- that can serve the purpose of having food at three times a day). I will ask gundu mani about the prepration and publish it in the next post.

Oh! Nice to see that it is 11 PM. Time to sleep.
Will be back tomorrow with Valiyettan param pori.


  1. Interesting piece again, a lot of items in one post. Liked the comment on Ajith! ;)

  2. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. Thank u.


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