Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ernakulam to witness several miracles

While returning by bus from Ernakulam south I witnessed a lot of things that make me understand that I am a good google machine.I saw a lady with a short shirt.. mm sorry very short t-shirt and a trouchers which were small enough to apper underwears. This was a foreigner running on the streets of ernakulam with white top and bottoms, having plucked ipod headphones into her ears. Her dress appeared to be like smimming suit.

Ernakulam is raining heavily and has water collected across the holes on road sides. I hope the lady thought there might be a swimming pool nearby and was running for it with this attaire.

While on the kadavanthura road I could see a long line with people following the queue like discipled small children. We cannot even see such desciplined persons waiting for exam results, cinema tickets or jobs. It was not too late for me to understand that it was the line for liquor store. This is the only place in kerala where you will notice quite and long queues.

There were other experiences too but the bolg and my words are too short to describe all now. It is 11.30 Pm and I am feeling sleepy. May be i could have some light be falling on this topic tomorrow.

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