Sunday, July 26, 2009

German insistency to shoot kerala's celebrity images, prithhviraj sukumaran...naa

Shooting celebrity images or getting them in hand is not a big task, Just type the name of the celebrity in google and you have them before you. It is difficult when you have to shoot your images and it came as a problem to me when my German client said, he need to see my photographs. He says he needs to see with whom he is working since years. He was the first one to start and gave me glimpse of his photographs. They were clear and shot with a camera not less than 8 Mega pixels.

Now it was a big question for me to see if I have some of my pictures that I could show him. All that I have were from the tours, the ones shot at different locations in Cochin and Maharashtra, and they were with my friends. I have no photo with me alone... mm... Therefore, I decided to shoot some of them.

Abhilash pillai celebrities

I gave the job of the photo shoot to Biga. He took the N 73 and shot some pictures in the night. They are not so clear and not at all satisfactory for me. Now I am in the confusion whether to have something shot by a professional photographer or to send the client some photos that are available on internet may be Prithviraj Sukumaran. How will the client know whether it is a celebrity in Kerala? However, is it fine...? NAA! Cheating.

Abhi posing for Bigas photoshoot

Haaaa, ha ... I searched across many photos and at last decided to show him the ones I shot in a conference at Hyderabad. I think I should subscribe to some model watch magazines or publications to have some tips on photo shoot for future clients...kidding!


  1. Yes Bindhu I think I will have to do the same...

    Thanks for the comments...


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