Friday, July 31, 2009

Friendship and heart a compromise

I am off working 10-12 hours a day, the max I am doing other than going to office is eating food and sleeping. This was not my life 1 year ago. When I speak about that time, I should not forget my friends Don, Bishar, and Shamnad and the photograph that is still there in the house.

(Leftmost is Bishar, Next Shamnad, me and Don at the right)

There is a photograph seen on the top left corner of my room with me and the other three. This we took when we lived together, enjoying the life, playing cricket, singing songs, traveling, trekking etc. Now things are not the same, all we have is work and only work. I love my work and love is heart but friendship is also an important part of life. So it is a compromise between friendship and heart.
We have traveled almost entire Kerala together; from Trivandrum to Vayanad. We used to have trips each week and movies every one or the other day.

I still remember our cricket tournament that was the first time we appeared and celebrated as a mega event. Bishar was the captain of the team; I had some minor injuries and could not play. We won the toss and selected bowling. The team opposite to us started striking four’s and sixes beating our bowlers like small children. Our batsman and captain Bishar said to be calm and watch the total match, he added that the pitch was a batting pitch and we will beat the opponents the same way they did to us.

The next was our turn and we lost 1 wicket at the first ball. We were still waiting for other strikers to shine. Within no time, all were back from the pitch with their heads down. The same day Bishar took an oath that, he will never play a cricket tournament again in his life. ha ha… I am still able to laugh when I remember those times. Bishar is now working in Dubai.

Shamnad was the candy boy who was always after girls and busy on mobile. He was the most immature among us. He too went to dubai and they both are working together. We had friendship with many girls who came through Shamnad’s introduction into the team. When I speak about girls I should mention the incident at Vega land. There was a group of three girls who came to visit veega land( cochin’s water park). Shamnad was after them from the start, and later left them when they were not noticing him. When we were beneath a fountain, he saw the girls who were disturbed by a group of boys. Bishar was a 6 feet 2 inch boy with a good physique and Shamnad insisted him to involve in the issue.

Bishar had the boys leave the girls alone and they joined our team till the end of veega land. They used to call until shamnad was there. One of the girls even called Don and me for her marriage. They also left with a short time after Shamnad left.

Don left later after he joined Journalism classes at Trivandrum with a part time job at Kerala tourism. He calls me often to know how I am and is there any news from the other two.

Don was a separate character; I used to call him Don bhai and treat the same as he always pretend like a big brother. He never scolds me even if I made a big mistake. Don was one of the toppers of his time and used to read a big novel in a day. I have seen him sitting in a closed room with a novel and he will only come out after he had read the entire novel.

Time is a fast runner that never stops and never returns. I wish I could bring those days back and enjoy life as before.


  1. Hey nice story and write up.. photos looks good. Ane thanks for ur lovely and wonderful suggestion in my blog abhilash. Yah me to love to eat that payasam kept in the fridge it tastes awesome both cold and hot.. But sukku never tried it will surely try it out when i make next time. Have wonderful weekend.


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