Thursday, July 23, 2009

Experience satisfaction through Art of sharing, version 5.0

I remember; my mother always used to say to share and do things. When we were small; my sister and me, we always quarreled for the baked items, chips, mithais, fried snacks, almost everything. There was a competition among us to find the one having the maximum. It was not an effort to eat and satisfy ones own stomach, neither it was that we did not have anything to eat. The only aim behind it was to prove that one among us is a leader.

Art of Sharing

When we grew, we became more matured... mm... I believe so, OK. Yes, so after we matured our taste for food changed and we use to have the food items shared. My sister likes salty and me sweet so whenever we have an eatable, we used to have it exchanged. We matured, we started sharing, but there was not satisfaction that comes from heart. It was still like an autocrat or a trader who is always after proving himself or winning his bread.

We were busy with our studies, life, and job and forgot all that happened. I had to move away from Maharashtra and come to kerala, which was not a place even in my dreams for a job. I had to live with a group of 35-40 people in a hostel or say accommodation provided by the company.

Here you are one; you should never have a desire to eat or have anything at self in front of the 10 watching you. This would no be a new thing to the people living in metros like Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are built up to be selfish and self centered, so they do not feel it bad or do not recognize how bad it is to eat in front of 20 a food, they are not having at the same time. It is time for you to look deep into your perfect attire and ask you a question. Is this all I need to be a perfect man, a professional, a human being, a living thing?

You will have the answer.
Nature and life would let you have the answer and learn the Art of sharing. You will experience how satisfied you are even when you have a small piece of bread after sharing it among the others surrounding you. Sharing in terms of food, love, experience, knowledge is important and gives you ample satisfaction you never have had before.

satisfaction through sharing

Try this piece of advice and you would notice, you do not need a piece of attire attached to your body to make you a professional and human.

As all techy have a name of their new discovery or development, let it be called Art of sharing, version 5.0

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