Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ernakulam Police searching for harry potter

Ernakulam police is always one-step ahead than others. They are now in search of Harry potter. Harry potter and the half blood prince was house full in the balconies prior to counter booking. I did not get a ticket for the same in Shehnoys even after 1 week of its release. Harry potter actor Daniel Radcliff, Hermione granger, and Ron weasley have captured the minds of all the children in Europe and Asia.

I think Ernakulam police has decided to have a new star from Kerala who could act in the new Malayalam version of Harry potter and the half blood prince that could be called “Harry potterum ara raktamulla rajakumaranum”.

Biga ravindranath babu

You might wonder why I am writing about Ernakulam police and Harry potter. Do they have any relation?

This story came in my mind after todays incident that happened with Biga. Police caught Biga at Ernakulam since he was not wearing a helmet. Biga was afraid and thought he would have his 100 Rupees donated to kerala government today. The traffic police came in front of him and took a mobile camera. He took several shots with Biga focusing different angles.

Harry potter biga

We thought Biga has become a star. May be he is the one planned by police department to act in their new Malayalam version of Harry potter and the half blood prince. They took shots from several angles and asked Biga for his address and phone number. Confirmed; he is the star or the one chosen for the auditions.

It was understood later that police has a latest style of taking photographs as a proof to their claim of a so-called “petty”, fine or “chalaan”.

Chammi poye…


  1. hahaha that's funny.........good style! Should v say hail police!!!

  2. Your blog is absolutely funny and interesting. Guess would spend more time reading the posts and laughing..

    Hey thanks for your comments on my blog and yeah thats a great idea of making a wallet with your umbrella. And if at all you succeed in making it, do post a pic of it in you blog.. it would add more fun.. :) So now you are a miser is it.. :)what so ever, I use it as a fashion gadget matching to my outfit.. :)Thats not a bad idea right!!

    Keep visiting..

  3. Re: Aruna

    Thanks for the comments...

    The idea behind the post is to show the new developments police has made in their working.

    But imagine when a policeman takes his mobile with less than 2 mega pixels without a flash to capture photographs at night with a torch pointing towards you...

  4. Re: Nithya..

    I will try making the same and provide pictures in the blog.. Will send you the link once done...


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