Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eating cockroaches as breakfast in cochin

All try different recipie for their breakfast including puttu, upmavu, dosha, idli, puri, chappatti, paratha, parota etc. but imagine it would be disgusting if you have ever tried a cockroach as breakfast. I was the one to witness it today in cochin.

cockroach eaters

We prepared puri as a change to our normal breakfast routine. I set the alarm and got up at 7.30 in the morning, made the dough and Jk fried the puri. I had the onion cut at the same time. I cooked the chana in the cooker and made the masala for the chana ready. After that I mixed the chana in the masala and kept it to cook on low flame. I went to have my bath. Jk started eating the things prepared. After having half of the food he discovered a cockroach egg in the chana. Cockroach egg or the fried puri's burnt part is not yet revealed.

As soon as he saw the black item he started screaming and shouting. He came to me and started to prove that it is a cockroach egg. But he had it half eaten till he could have discovered it. It appeared to me as a small boy who has discovered something auspecious and wants to prove his discovery.

By the time Biga came out and had his share of puri. Today he ate more than what he does daily. Ha Ha.. this was without knowing the stuff being discovered in the food. Later when he came to know he mentioned as if he already knew there was some change in taste of food due to it.

cockroach egg
(Since all need to see a cockroach egg, here it is)

I am not still able to beleive that it was a cockroach egg. But we are under investigation and I am personally planning to call seturam iyer CBI to investigate the case.


  1. Hey Abhilash,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Maybe the next time I will prepare sickless chicken :)
    I have a question for u.
    " Do boys of this genration read food blogs???"
    Now, to answer your question abt this gen girls, I can only say
    "When boys do read food blogs, new gen girls DO COOK and they cook VERY WELL TOO" :)

  2. Abhi.. Hi. Interesting. What do cockroach eggs look like?

  3. How do cockroach eggs look like? I'd once got a snail from Ullitheeyal at a friend's place. :-)

  4. That’s awesome Bindhu, discovery of snail from ulli teeyal. I like it a lot. Not a snail but ulli teeyal. My mother prepares it the best.

    I have placed photograph of different varieties of cockroach eggs within the post.

    I hope this will be an answer to jeniffers and bindus questions.

  5. ha ha ha ha this is funny... I just wonder when your friend is gonna deliver a cockroach baby :)

  6. He delivered one the next the toilet..


  7. Remember this scene from Nagarangalil chennu raaparkaam?


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