Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dileep Paveri in night of the iguana - tips for night workers

Dileep paveri of paveri mana, is leading a night life. I recently read about a stageplay named night of the iguana on wikipedia. When I heard the name 'night', I remembered Dileep, who is spending most of his time at the office during nights. He was working in banglore and since then he has the habit of working late nights.

Dileep paveri cochin

It has affected his health too. He is an early room for diseases. Working late nights may cause severe disturbance on your life cycle. Imagine you sleep when you eat and you eat when you sleep, how does that sound... The same it is in rea life. I would recommend as a health concious person, experienced, extra educated,.. I have no adjectives left.. ok I would recommend to maintain your life cycle the way nature needs it to be.

You should sleep during nights and wake up in the morning thats what the body created by mother nature, demands.
Some points you should take care to maintain good health and maintain it during night workouts.

1. Eat your food at regular time each day.
2. Prefer to stay max till 12 PM if urgently needed.
3. Try to have some dry fruits and maintain the body fat and nutritional order.
4. Wake up early and go early to sleep.
5. If you are working late nights, intake the maximum water you could.
6. For night workers try to have a half an hour sleep if you are awake till the morning.

I hope these could be helpful, but try to avoid working during night and the disorders. As your healthy body and mind are jewels for future generations.

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