Monday, July 27, 2009

Cochin Fashion version, street 3.0 destroying youths

Cochin fashion version, street 3.0 is destroying the youths. Jeans is comfortable than trousers and people prefer to wear it during professional and casual meetings. Jeans giants like Levis Strauss and trigger were and are a passion among the young and the old.

India has witnessed severe fashion changes and Cochin is always first among the others to follow it. I hope I am the first to see, capture and picturise the new fashion at Cochin; street version 3.1.5, an upgrade to its Predecessor; street 3.0.
You can read more about street 3.0 from my earlier article “The Levis strauss style- Jockey acquired Levis in Ernakulam”.

fashion cochin, street 3.1.5

The gas cylinder went for strike and we decided to eat from a restaurant. I had my lunch and while crossing the road to reach the bike I saw an interesting incident. Like phantom reaching for his revolver, I took my mobile Nokia N70 and captured it as my picture.

youth jeans new fashion

This is a fashion seen latest. I have seen the same used by girls; my sister call it chudidaar kurta. You can see the same shrinked, tight effects in the jeans at the bottom used by these boys.

chudidaar jeans

It was not new for me, but when I saw the same jeans has a capability to replace your bag then it becomes interesting. There were four boys and all wearing the same street 3.1.5, among them one was trying to push a register into his jeans and that was the one that made me take a picture.

jeans used as a bag

I clicked the camera button and the boy turned up staring at me. He understood I shot a photograph with them adjusting their back seats. There came an inner voice “take your bike and leave the place”. I left that place with the pictures captured within my camera.

I am not to comment on these styles but I think one should wear the dress that best matches his body and his behavior. Try to adopt western culture where needed and avoid where unnecessary.


  1. hi, you really need to setup a contact page on this blog :) I have been trying to get in touch with you since the last 10 pages :D Do get in touch with me, its about an offer I have in mind. Thanks,

  2. I had seen your posts on the kochi fashion trends I would say kochi is slow in catching up with the western world!! I had seen those trends both in Japan and Europe, where these guys n gals wear their trousers so low that they almost stay at their knees. No need to talk about their chaddis, which also stay much below, showing off their valuables…


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