Friday, July 17, 2009

Can rain gods challenge the cigrette smokers ? No...they have shown it

I have heard from people I met in my life that, you can change habit of Alcohol consumption but never a habit of cigrette smoking. They say it us a habit they are used to. They can think leaving tea for day but never smoking.

Cochin witness rain these days heavily. Rain god thought to challenge cigrette smokers of cochin and started raining heavily since this morning. He started showering rain at 9.24 AM in the morning. He made no one stand on the roads or the balconies to smoke cigrettes. He decided "ok, today no one is gonna smoke thats a challenge."

smokers challenge for rain god

(click to enlarge)

Rain god was astonished to see a scene at 3:15 PM at tripunithura, cochin. He saw a cigrette smoker standing in front of a small shop smoking cigrette with an umbrella. The man was full of confidence and uttered " Hey! shower man shower, we wont stop smoking. This is in our blood and veins."

This shows how confident the smokers are, even rain god lost the challenge.
Rain god was so sad that he was crying since then and even did not stop now at 11.49 PM. I hope he understand the will power of smokers and stop crying by the morning so that I could reach office without being wet.

Hey! rain god.. I am not a smoker so leave me...


  1. read that the rains are being so severe in the north of kerala. so is it the same situation at cochin? probably the concrete jungles have lead to flooding over the region as well.


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