Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breathing, Art of living and 6 pack exercises - My exersice schedule to eradicate diseases

Doctor advised me, to have breathing exercises in my daily schedule to avoid the frequent occurance of diseases.I was told to attend the Art of living classes in Ernakulam conducted by groups under sri sri Ravishankar. My coulegues also referred me to attend the classes as they will benifit me on the long run.

Art of living exercises

On the other hand I have stopped attending the gym which I used to do earlier, though I have made my fat percent turn the minimum and let my 6 pack exercises go along.I am not able to develote everyday on these practices but I assume I would be able to do so from tomorrow.

Taking your best practises along your IT life is as tough as running on a sharp blade. I think I should schedule my life and timings to get it correct. Also I will have to find the art of living exercises in Ernakulam.


  1. joining a gym is understandable, but what are breating exercises for?

    bachelors degree adult education | Occupational safety diploma

  2. @Max Martin - Breathing exercises help to reduce the effect of pollutants affecting the lungs.


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