Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barbarian and Suriya in a round vaaranam aayiram

If you guys would have watched tamil flick "vaaranam aayiram" then you could remember the different stages of life potrayed by Suriya in the movie. He plays role of father, teenage boy, drug addict and army man. You might wonder why Abhi is speaking about all these things here. My grown hairs remind me of Suriya's drug addict character and the recent look his Army character.

suriya barbarian look vaaranam aayiram

As I said I went to home, I received a lot of scoldings and comment from relatives and neighbours for growing the hairs. Here are some of the words.

1. Grand mother( Muthashi) - Abhilash you appear to be too weak, I think yor hair is long. Thats the reason. ( she teased me indirectly.. eppadi)
2. Grandfather (muthashan) - atleast get the hairs at the back cut; front hairs look fine.( he scolded for growing hairs while pleasing me at the hairstyle at the front)
3. Aunt- Ayye! what a bad look Abhi. How can you do this, have you gone any wrong way while going to Ernakulam.
4. Uncle- Abhilash do you need a blade, I think the beard appears grown. I mean if you do not have a blade at Ernakulam I could give you one.
5. Chechi(sister)- Abhi, is it part of a miser's revenue saving.
6. Head at office- Abhi, I think your disease is not yet cured. Did you have a bath today? I think your hairs appear too grown. I would recommend you to have the hairs cut as it appears to me as a cause for diseases.

After comments and scoldings, I finally decided to have the hairs cut. The comparison is in the image above you see me in.

Bye bye to my hairs....


  1. hii abhi,its the first time am reading ur blog
    too good!!

  2. Re: Pinku

    Thanks for the comments pinku. I try to express myself as better I can but I hope I have improved in the recent articles. I expect your constant feedback and blessings.

  3. :) if you are older than me then your blessings will help me. If you are younger then your blessings will be easily heard by god.


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