Friday, July 24, 2009

Advertisement by Kavya madhavan for Bhima jewellery in her Marriage Album

One of my friend sent me a mail this morning. It had the pictures from the Wedding Album of Kavya madhavan. I know she is a film actress and she pose for many advertisements. She is seen on the front page of magazines and product packages. But it is awkward if you have an advertisement in your wedding album. May be correct or incorrect, the picture from the Album signify the same.

Bheema Jewellery Kavya Madhavan

The photo above is from the Album of Kavya madhavan which I received through e-mail.
Also you might have heard, she is going to have a divorce with her husband. Channels are celebrating it with interviews of people commenting on her marriage and divorce.

Kavya Madhavan and her husband

Atleast Bhima jewellery has a good scope to shine in this lime light and all would be interested to see Kavya madhavan's wedding Album. Kavya Madhavan and her marriage problems will be a long spoken issues on the streets and news columns.


  1. Kavya Madhavan's marriage Album.
    Is this the real one?

    I mean are the photos from the real album that you have received through mail. Advertisement is everywhere my friend. You could get great discounts if you have an advertisement for a jewellery.

  2. Ahhh !!! Comon my friends.. there is a catagory of people in this world who can do anything good or bad and what they do become truth, fashion, sensibility, lifestyle, and justice. Why should we even think about if its a photo from album or from jewellery ? They lead a super human life and their deeds cant be talked about, cant be compared with normal life, or with any normal life on earth. There are many of her photos of many kind available on the net... who cares... Known truths left in hearts and expressed as know lies... thats what all we can express.

  3. who care,s about kavya madavadan

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