Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aakashvani and new Marketing strategies at SBT - State Bank of Travancore

I went to SBT ( State Bank of Travancore), Tripunithura to transfer some money to my Nagpur branch account. Usually the people use to stand in long queue and have their requirements related to transfer and depositing fulfilled.

State Bank of Travancore, tripunithura

I was visiting SBT at Tripunithura branch after a period of 6-7 months.
I reached SBT bank by 2.20 PM and saw no one at the counter as they were away for lunch. I was waiting in a chair leading to the boundary of the building from the money counters to have my money transfered to my SBT account in Nagpur. I could not see people in front of the counter waiting in queue; Earlier it used to be in that manner. I heard a enigmatic voice coming from somewhere above my head, that went into my ears and I could make out something like " token no. 194 please come to counter no.3".

Appa! what a change? I could see chairs in front of each counter and people appeared in front of the chairs after the voice of that aakashvani. It was not late for me to understand that they had some token, taken earlier for their requirement. I enquired at one of the counters and found that the tokens are generated as printed tickets upon press of a button on the equipment placed at the enterance.

Soon upon fash of the light I was in front of the machine and like the Ben in Ben 10 serial on cartoon network, I pressed my hand over the button; The only differece being a button insted of the watch. "piss", came out a ticket with feeble sound. It was written..token no. 197. I waited for my call by the SBT aakashvani machine.

Till that time I was watching the persons at the counter serving honey licked words to the people in front of them. I think these changes are part of the new marketing strategy of SBT. SBT is trying to beat the private banks by these tactics. Three plauses for SBT, who tried to change the way they work. Lets wait for some more interesting things to come from them like free gifts to visitors who visit them each month...
Bahut jyaada hain,... mm.. maalum hain bhai!

ok leave.

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