Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 simple ways to have a Grilled Chicken

Jk and Biga left Cochin for Bangalore to attend a meeting with Microsoft team.Iam alone in the room with blogger in front of me.

Yesterday we were a little late to leave office. We went to Royal bakery, had Juice and ice cream, where we discussed to have grilled chicken and taste it with chappaties. We asked the rate for grilled chicken and the waiter replied 180 rupees for full chicken and 100 rupees for half chicken. We decided to have it tomorrow at any cost.

However, later Jk recall the meeting he needs to attend at Bangalore. It was not possible to have grilled chicken today as discussed. I was too sad but as always, I am the one to find new ways. That was the time I discovered 5 simple ways to have a grilled chicken.

Here are my 5 simple ways to have a grilled chicken:

1. Make your Bike ready and have your sweet legs cross the seat to fit the part below the spinal cord on the seat.
2. Like Brad Pitt riding a horse in Troy, start your bike and ride to the nearest bakery, ours nearby is Royal bakery. Royal bakery has branches across Ernakulam.
3. Rush to the counter of the bakery and tell him to pack a grilled chicken (half- as it is cheap and fine for one-man show). Give him 100 rupees (differs in different places) and get back to the bike with the parcel.
4. Buy a Pillsbury aata and get ready to prepare chapatti in a chapatti maker( I prefer a chapatti maker to prepare it, “no rona dhona and khana taiyaar”).
5. Arrange the items with decorations around a plate and have the chicken in your own way. I had “Aam ka achar”(pickles) with chapatti as a side dish.

Howz that?

These were the 5 steps I could discover to have a grilled chicken. This creative idea came in my mind, as this is the 4th day since our gas cylinder went to strike and we could not replace it.

The images and decorations are presented by the one and only , "ME". They are not as professional in Ria's collections but they have a natural look of a ingenious chef with creative stories. I will have a article coming after this on my Bike and Royal bakery. They have great stories to tell.


  1. Good, and funny decorations on them too... :D

  2. Sreejith thank you for the comments...

    I saw a lot of foodie blogs but still cannot decorate as them... That was just a simple kalakari...

    The decoratives were given by the people at Royal bakery....

  3. This is such a creative way to have chicken.. amazing.. ;) okay relax.. your decoration is kewl.. keep it going.

    And Abhilash, I am not sure if you were kidding or serious. Anyways thanks for you comment. The carving is absolutely simple. I just sliced the star fruit. It has its shape already. :) I only tried to arrange it well.

  4. Re: pavithra

    Thank you for the comment...

    I thought this will not be a good photograph..Nice to have good comments from you...

    I think the photo looks!

    But my stomach said "bas bas"(its enough) while I was having it... even half grilled chicken is too much...

  5. Re: Nithya

    Thank you for the comments...

    In malayalam I would like to say a comment "njyan dhanyan aayi"..( I am satisfied with your words)...

    I am pleased to have comments from a creative person like you... you really prepare nice crafts...

  6. Thanx for the visit and for the idea abt kappa kanji,the one ur friend prepared..This kadala puzhukku is so popular in malabar areas,best with Kanji...It can be made with cherupayar also in the same way..Grilled chicken with chappathy,another adipoli combo....

  7. Vrinda,
    Thanks for the comments...

    I really did not know about kadala puzhukku..
    But nice to know it is something that exists... I will try in my kitchen...

  8. Hey Abhilash,
    First of all why don't u have a followers tab??
    Pinne, abt the oil in the chammandi. It is ised to fry the hing, dals and other ingredients to intensify their flavors.
    I have mentioned to grind ALL THE INGREDIENTS TOGETHER.( which means all)

    After grinding the chutney, thelast step is "EAT IT WITH DOSA".
    I don't think anyone needed me telling them that.

    I really liked ur version of chammandi with garlic and manga.And definitely when done in a kallu it will taste much better.

    Abt your post, I wish I was clever as u. @ ways to eat chammandi.
    1)Ride on ur bike
    2)Reach grandma's destination :)


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