Friday, June 26, 2009

why relate prithviraj sukumaran, Raavan and Matt cutts

I was surfing the internet as always and I came across a video in youtube by Matt cutts. Matt cutts is a software engineer at the search engine giant "Google". The video was about keyword targetting and promotions. Matt cutt says in the video, inorder to increase hits to your page you should either have a keyword that has no competitors or that has good content.

raavan movie trailer prithviraj

I tried the same to check whether it works for me. You all might have heard about the movie raavan in hindi with casts, Aishwarya rai bachchan, Abhishek bachchan, vikaram and the same movie being shot in tamil as ashokavanam with prithviraj sukumaran replacing Abhishek. I thought to search for the songs in Raavan that have not yet being released. So I said to the google's acquired youtube; " comeon! show me raavan songs" and it retuned me "thenga". Means no relevent search results.

I tried uploading a video and then made it resemble raavan. I gave a couple of search terms and title and when I see it after 3 days Appa! this has 52 visits. thats amazing. Today it has 286 visits and its only one week old. So that says matt cutts(the google's bhau) is right.

So moral of the story is mm.. Google says right in case of prithviraj

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