Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friends are misteries- When close they remember you when far they never think of you

It is true to say that friends are always misteries, you cannot judge any friend.

Friends forever

when they are closer they will call you daily, ask for your health and enquire your daily activities as if you were born the same day from the same mother.
I always think when a person who was my good friend leave my location and joins some new place; "hey! this guy is not like others" but, udumbaa! everyone is the same. it will not be too late for you to recognize that friends during your college days are never the ones you meet during your work days.

When you are in colleges or schools you dont have much to think around, your life is your studies and your friends. It will not be an astonishment if I say my friends during my schooldays still call me and enquire about my life. They constitute Hanish, Mayank, Atul and a lot more. But you will find the difference when you have friends at work.

Is it possible to differentiate frinds according to schools, work areas and neighberhood. Never!; I personally think friends should be always with you close or far, they have no differentiation neither they can be differentiated.

Am I right?
Yet to decide, may be the coming days, months or years will prove it.

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