Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogger returns back

Here comes the hero.
Hi my dear girls and dear boys, I am back after a long time.
I was quite busy with the work and was not able to concentrate on the blog. initially I planned atleast to write an article a day but my dedication and stringent aims help me do just that. :)

My collegue Dileep who is a new joining discussed about his blog which made me remember " Ayyo! I too have a blog right? "; Is this same as the incident that happened with lord Hanuman - he forgot about his powers and got them back once was reminded by fellow collegues. Ha ha .. me, not Lord Hanuman though!

I went to tirupathy with my parents last month. It was a great incident on which I already planned to write an article. It is good for the ones who went there atlest once otherwise you are in vishnus vaikuntham and dont know which way god has to be approached and where to keep your " Kuchelans aval pothi"(your luggage and accomodation, travel, routes etc.)

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