Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogger is ill, Rush towards Medical trust cochin

It is Monday morning 8 AM, I got up from the bed with a bulky head and flowing nose. It was not late for me to recognise that I was suffering from fever. I got off my bed and rushed to reach medical trust hospital Cochin for an appointment with the physician.

Medical trust hospital ernakulam

Collected my helmet from office and rushed to reach medical trust to reserve a ticket. On my way it started raining and I had to wait beneath a roof of a closed store. In Ernakulam(cochin) stores open by 10.30 to 11 am. Clouds stopped crying after 15 minutes and I started my byke and rushed toward the hospital. As it was working day there were a lot of trafic on the road. I was in an unconcious mind because I was not able to complete my sleep and was feeling giddy.
In Ernakulam if you wana move faster towards your destination surpassing the traffic, all you have to do is ride from the right side and cross each vehicle in front of you like you do in a game( provided you are a good driver).

I reached medical trust by 9.30 am. There were sweet faces at the reception which take your appointment with the doctor. I think placing these ladies at the reception is part of marketing strategy by medical trust (kiding LOL!). I registed my ticket which took another 20 minutes as the lady ws busy with registrations and spoke to me a lot before handling the tickets. I hope she was christian as I could see a cross on her necklace. She took an appointment for me with Dr. krisnan hari at 12 AM as Dr. babu whom I used to consult was already booked with patients.

I reached back home and leaned on the bed to complete my sleep. I wake at 11.30 and rushed again at the hospital. Met the doctor, Dr. Hari was an old man, I could notice that he was a brilliant person from his bald shiny head. And my intution turned to reality when I noticed the bills he gave me to pay around, medicines worth 500 Rupees, an x-ray and a blood and urine test. I went to the medicine counter and purchased the medicines. Now I have to take the x-ray and remaining items tomorrow.

The one and only thing worth going to medical trust is watching the pleasant faces you notice at the reception.

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