Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friends are misteries- When close they remember you when far they never think of you

It is true to say that friends are always misteries, you cannot judge any friend.

Friends forever

when they are closer they will call you daily, ask for your health and enquire your daily activities as if you were born the same day from the same mother.
I always think when a person who was my good friend leave my location and joins some new place; "hey! this guy is not like others" but, udumbaa! everyone is the same. it will not be too late for you to recognize that friends during your college days are never the ones you meet during your work days.

When you are in colleges or schools you dont have much to think around, your life is your studies and your friends. It will not be an astonishment if I say my friends during my schooldays still call me and enquire about my life. They constitute Hanish, Mayank, Atul and a lot more. But you will find the difference when you have friends at work.

Is it possible to differentiate frinds according to schools, work areas and neighberhood. Never!; I personally think friends should be always with you close or far, they have no differentiation neither they can be differentiated.

Am I right?
Yet to decide, may be the coming days, months or years will prove it.

Second day at Palace with providac lactobacillous - Tripunithura

This is my second ill day at the palace, Tripunithura. Got up in the morning prepared some food and had my medicines. I was feeling too tired, I am sure the medicines were not provided to give me energy. I feel better except the cough accumulated in my chest which is not planning to leave me as if it is my girlfriend.

The doctor gave me a medicine called providac lactobacillous, it is a capsule fitted in a small sealed cyllindrical shaped tin with plastic closing. My friends say it is to regenerate some bacterias that are dead due to intake of some food or the chemicals given out during the fever.

providac bacteria lactobacillous

I was wondering why he gave me this medicine for a fever; I thought to do a research and found that life style impacts the health and our intestines. This can be result of stress, poor diet and many health conditions which reduce the amount of healthy bacteria in the intestines and providac puts them back. It is guaranteed to provide at least 10 billion live active cells of Lactobacillus in every capsule.

I dont know.
baapre! just imagine I am eating capsules to generate bacteria in my intestine, sounds great; not at all to me. I think all these diseases started hunting me from the day I started working. You can image the life of a IT guy busy with work the whole day, no better food and at last what you get.. good income with extra diseases.

When I look back at my past I can recollect that I had no diseases, when I used to eat daily and at proper times that too the delicious food cooked by my mother. mmmm... I miss that food.

May be just wait and see whats up next for the Doctor to say after 5 days, sorry I forgot to tell you that he said me to visit him after 5 days.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogger is ill, Rush towards Medical trust cochin

It is Monday morning 8 AM, I got up from the bed with a bulky head and flowing nose. It was not late for me to recognise that I was suffering from fever. I got off my bed and rushed to reach medical trust hospital Cochin for an appointment with the physician.

Medical trust hospital ernakulam

Collected my helmet from office and rushed to reach medical trust to reserve a ticket. On my way it started raining and I had to wait beneath a roof of a closed store. In Ernakulam(cochin) stores open by 10.30 to 11 am. Clouds stopped crying after 15 minutes and I started my byke and rushed toward the hospital. As it was working day there were a lot of trafic on the road. I was in an unconcious mind because I was not able to complete my sleep and was feeling giddy.
In Ernakulam if you wana move faster towards your destination surpassing the traffic, all you have to do is ride from the right side and cross each vehicle in front of you like you do in a game( provided you are a good driver).

I reached medical trust by 9.30 am. There were sweet faces at the reception which take your appointment with the doctor. I think placing these ladies at the reception is part of marketing strategy by medical trust (kiding LOL!). I registed my ticket which took another 20 minutes as the lady ws busy with registrations and spoke to me a lot before handling the tickets. I hope she was christian as I could see a cross on her necklace. She took an appointment for me with Dr. krisnan hari at 12 AM as Dr. babu whom I used to consult was already booked with patients.

I reached back home and leaned on the bed to complete my sleep. I wake at 11.30 and rushed again at the hospital. Met the doctor, Dr. Hari was an old man, I could notice that he was a brilliant person from his bald shiny head. And my intution turned to reality when I noticed the bills he gave me to pay around, medicines worth 500 Rupees, an x-ray and a blood and urine test. I went to the medicine counter and purchased the medicines. Now I have to take the x-ray and remaining items tomorrow.

The one and only thing worth going to medical trust is watching the pleasant faces you notice at the reception.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biography of Darshan at tirupathy Balaji

"Venkataramana govinda", the words which can be heard at the temple situated on Tirumala where Lord venkateshvara " Tirupathy Balaji" resides.
My mother gave me a call 6 months before and said "my dear son... mm.. derest son", as I am the only son to my mother and father, "I am planning to go for a darshan at Tirupathy temple, please arrange the journey".

pictures of tirupathy balaji

As you all dont know, I need to say that I plan everything suddenly. This was also a sudden planning and I went to Nagpur my home town, arranged my tickets and took my grandmother, father, mother with me to Tirupathy. We landed at Tirupathy Railway station, adjusted with toota phoota telugu which I knew and took a taxi to reach Tirumala. My mother was advised by a neighbour to take rooms at Srinivasa ( a residence suitable to keep suitcases and leave directly to temple). we reached above and asked the driver to show rooms to stay, he pointed his fingers towards a big building and said " please take rest at this place". My mother insisted, " No we want to go to Srinivasa"..the guy replied that there was no hotel or lodge at Tirumala named Srinivasa. But she was worried about the money and goods within suitcases that I need to take back to my work place after we are back from Tirupathy.

Ok we decided to look for some paid hotels and found them to be already booked by someone else.Then we returned back by bus to the same building and started searching for rooms available. To be frank Tirupathy is the best place to worship if you have gone with a person who went there before, otherwise "Swamiye saranam Aiyappa".

I discovered after continous search, that the rooms can only be booked after 6 AM; the time was 11.30 PM, too long to stay back with all the luggage. I started searching and asking, finally discovered there are lockers where you can keep the items and get the amount paid for them back while leaving. The best thing is you have nothing described for the visitor who is there for the first time, no police men understand language other than telugu and baapre!, they do not understand my telugu.

when I reached the locker room it was closed which was scheduled to open only by 6 AM. We were told by a policeman to visit the temple atleast by 3 AM and be in queue, the queue will start by 8 AM and will have darshan completed by 11AM.
I paid the lock room watchmen a pleasing smile with my hands into my pockets indicating a piece of paper where the image of Mahatma Gandhi was inscribed. Hurray! I got two lockers, where I placed our items and went to temple. We somehow found the path to it on the free line and got into a room when it was ending. After a couple of hours the room was locked from outside leaving a lot of people inside. All bald faces unable to be recognized. I asked some of them whether this line was for the darshan. No reply, because they did not understand whatever I said.

We were in the room by 2AM. the police man who advised us said the room whould open by 8 AM. I thought to have a sleep and get up in the morning and have a bath. At 6 am in the morning my mother called me from the uncomplete sleep. Comeon! standup the people are in line see the queue is going to form. We rushed and got into the line, but it was noticed after a while that it was line to collect milk given to the persons staying in the room. I went back to my place. After a couple of hours again a line formed, now I was able to understand this was the line for some other eatables. Soon I becme too smart to understand that there were a lot of queues for eatabls. I was bit angry to get no reply from any people and being shut in a room which was locked from all sides, so I ate nothing being provided. "Only khana no darshan!". This door opened at 12 PM and I with no food from the previous day visited lord venkateshvara with full devotion.

It was my best experience in life. Now I have decided to learn telugu and Kannada....

Friday, June 26, 2009

why relate prithviraj sukumaran, Raavan and Matt cutts

I was surfing the internet as always and I came across a video in youtube by Matt cutts. Matt cutts is a software engineer at the search engine giant "Google". The video was about keyword targetting and promotions. Matt cutt says in the video, inorder to increase hits to your page you should either have a keyword that has no competitors or that has good content.

raavan movie trailer prithviraj

I tried the same to check whether it works for me. You all might have heard about the movie raavan in hindi with casts, Aishwarya rai bachchan, Abhishek bachchan, vikaram and the same movie being shot in tamil as ashokavanam with prithviraj sukumaran replacing Abhishek. I thought to search for the songs in Raavan that have not yet being released. So I said to the google's acquired youtube; " comeon! show me raavan songs" and it retuned me "thenga". Means no relevent search results.

I tried uploading a video and then made it resemble raavan. I gave a couple of search terms and title and when I see it after 3 days Appa! this has 52 visits. thats amazing. Today it has 286 visits and its only one week old. So that says matt cutts(the google's bhau) is right.

So moral of the story is mm.. Google says right in case of prithviraj

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogger returns back

Here comes the hero.
Hi my dear girls and dear boys, I am back after a long time.
I was quite busy with the work and was not able to concentrate on the blog. initially I planned atleast to write an article a day but my dedication and stringent aims help me do just that. :)

My collegue Dileep who is a new joining discussed about his blog which made me remember " Ayyo! I too have a blog right? "; Is this same as the incident that happened with lord Hanuman - he forgot about his powers and got them back once was reminded by fellow collegues. Ha ha .. me, not Lord Hanuman though!

I went to tirupathy with my parents last month. It was a great incident on which I already planned to write an article. It is good for the ones who went there atlest once otherwise you are in vishnus vaikuntham and dont know which way god has to be approached and where to keep your " Kuchelans aval pothi"(your luggage and accomodation, travel, routes etc.)

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