Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is the age of marriage

What is the age of Love ?

What is the Age of marriage ?

What is the age of Divorce?

Confused ! why am I asking all these things to you ?

Today is my birthday 12 March, the day I was born or the day when India got a great, passionate and enthusiastic personality ( The Abhilash ). My friends saw my orkut profile and tried to ask me a treat a day before. I said not to trust always on Orkut, so got limited birthday wishes. My good friends always know my birthday and they always wish me without consulting Orkut, or their network of friends.

I thought is it time for me to think when is the age to love, for marriage and divorse ? No! it is ofcourse not. hey! I am getting younger day by day, not older then why to think about all these things. For me life is something that should be lived for something extra.

Frankly you should love.. when you know you are matured enough, and know a person 'who know you better'. You should marry when you understand love cannot be stopped within these barriers, and you are ready to support your parents. Divorce is done when you understand you were never right.. it will be the best time for you to understand you are a failure.

I come in none of the above categories, so moral is " I am too far to handle the storm".

Today my day starts with my sister wishing me around 12:5 in the morning. My mother called me later around 7 am in the morning. She cannot forget this day, isn't it ?
Yes she cannot, no mother can and no good friends can. I went to temple later along with my girl friend.

I came to office and the first "birthday wish" I saw in my mail was from Shehna followed by Nisha and; The other guys after confirming that today is my Birthday.
I asked Kavitha to distribute sweets to all, as "she is the only person who know english" .. " ha ha".
Later a group of my coulegues wished me today, and I took all to a hotel for a grand but " small " Lunch.

The next will be followed by a grand dinner to my room mates and my girl friend.

Hope this birthday be a great birth day.


  1. If the mentioned girl friend in dinner today is me ok thanks.But I am not coming as i got a grand one for lunch.It was a nice treat.I wonder how that girl friend who came with you in the morning is affording you in all your trips.One thing dont get into these catogories now.Try to get more business for our family SBL.After 5 years think of first catogory, then again after 5 years,second catogory.Avid third one from your life as the second catogory will be a sucess.ok
    GOOD LUCK and may GOD bless you.

  2. A kid asks his father, "Dad, what does it cost to get married?"
    The father replies,"I don't know son. I am still paying?"

    When you are ready to start paying, get married!!

  3. Now the age is to concentrate on work & ur girlfreind...ten aftr 2-3 years if ur girlfreind is existing ten u can get mrd to him...(ohh sorry to her...)

    If u get success in both the options ten ter is no need of the third option...

    Currently just try to understand ur girlfreind perfectly & ur work....& do watch Dostana movie...wich will help u to luv ur luv....


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