Saturday, March 14, 2009

Understand the importance of money

I made this blog so that I can share my views, life, experiences and that can help others to improve their thoughts and way of approach.

These days I am too busy at the office and could not find time to update the blog daily but I do ensure I post an article every 4 days in a week when I am back home.
Have you ever thought what you earn 20k, 30k, 50k, 100k ...whatever be it you will always feel that you are not satisfied.

I just imagine my college days when I used to get pocket money from my parents, may be 500 or 700 Rupees per month but I was able to satisfy all my needs and was never unhappy. That does not mean I am unhappy now; I earn more than what I can spend. The main thing you should ensure while you are earning is the importance of the money you earn. You should understand why you earn, how you earn and how you spend it.

You will only be satisfied with your life when you have a perfect saving system. Try to save as much as you can without compromising on the necessity. Each drop can fill a glass and subsequent drops can even fill a bucket and a river. Each minute earning counts.

You often may come with some questions as:

1. I always plan to save my money but situations make me to spend them. can I improve?
2. What is the procedure I should adopt to save money?
3. How will I be satisfied with my salary?
4. How to spend money ?

The answer to all these questions is understand what you need and what is useless.
if you are spending money on a thing that is not that necessary for your living then you should learn to compromise with it.

Plan your earnings and spend for the necessary.

If you earn 50k and can never eat the food you wished you could eat, then it will never satisfy you. Remember you are not going to take anything when you will be back to the creator.
But, .....but you should try to compromise where it is necessary.

Try to minimize your expectations and never compare. Just try these things and you will see you are saving more than enough for your future.

I expect your comments to better savings.

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