Monday, March 16, 2009

Top shooters for 2009 - "Mango stone throwers"

I studied in 6th standard that Stone age man used stones for hunting, building tools etc. I read about all these things but was never able to witness the fact, as I was not in the stone age. So sad ! that we missed a lot of ancient events; How man discovered fire?, How he built cart ?, How he hunted for food ?

But I was able to witness two stone age man and their activities on Sunday. I with my room mates went for shopping, purchased rice, coconut, pepper, biscuits, cake and a packet of soup. Biga was preparing the rice for the lunch while jinu was cutting vegetables, I started boiling water to prepare soup that can be used as a starter before the lunch.

After the soup was ready, we saw TV show of Asin and enjoyed drinking the soup. later I went inside and washed my cup, and heard feeble voices outside, I ran outside to see whats happening. To my surprise I saw two stone age man throwing stones and wood over a mango tree.

One man was a body builder and another a gymnastic fellow. The two were shooting stones and sticks over thy mangoes. I saw the builder throwing a stone over a mango and here it falls 'A big green mango'. I was very happy that I was able to witness stone age in my life.

Later I was able to know that these stone age persons were in need of a mango to prepare 'chammandi'.
So what have we learnt this sunday? A fact that never appeared in the history books, know what ?

Stone age man used to throw stones on mango trees to prepare chammandi.

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  1. That is a fact, man using stones for many purpose in this century also. you are a eye witness for that also. I think it was Biga and great Jinu. Another fact, Abhi, Chammanthi with mango is tasty. May be because of that, Biga and Jinu tried for that great job. Let us wait for their next activity.


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