Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reliance and oberon mall

We have a new slogan these days. " We are feeling bore working 6 days in all 4 weeks for 12 months, we need some relaxation, some recreation". As part of the promotion for this slogan we thought to visit Oberon mall yesterday.

Or you can say the Oberon mall was visited by 3 great personalities Abhi, jk and Biga.

Oberon mall is from the Oberon group in Trivandrum. A good skyscrapper look attracts visitors in cochin and it is the second biggest shopping mall here.

There are a lot of stores to shop at; reliance timeout, levis and other branded stores, baskin and robbins icecream, candies, food, colours and a lot. the favourites being the T-shirt printing, sketch photos. You can get a t-shirt with your picture printed on it at 250 rupees, also there are options for plate, cup printing etc.

yesterday there were a lot of activities as part of the promotion including magical show, fire dance etc. We were roaming around the mall searching for something to be purchased. I had a big wallet filled with one 50 rupees note. I decided that I have to shop today, will purchase all the items I like in the mall.

Whenever I look at any item and plan to purchase it, there comes a feeble voice from JK " Abhi are you sure, do we need it ?" Ultimately I change my mind.

Jk saw a big pillow and asked me whether we should purchase it. I glanced at the price and saw it was 500 rupees only. I said Jk this one is too big, we need a small one. While moving a bit forward Jk said "hey ! Abhilash see theres a small pillow, we can purchase that". We went near it and started laughing, to the astonishment it was from Huggies brand. you can better guess it!

All were really enjoying yesterday, we took a lot of pictures and shot videos.


  1. Hi,But before these three personalities Savitha,the lady christopher visited oberon Mall and she spent 175/- for having baskin and robbins icecream.

  2. Congrats to JK, helping Abhi , giving his valuable help and support . That also fine selection. Abhi, what you did is not good, You people can accompany Savitha also . But she is great, she visited , before you. My suggestion is, from next time onwards , don't give chance to JK , this is for your sake i am telling. Thank YouUUUUUUUUUU

  3. Hello

    Would you please tell me where/which is the shop there having the print T shirt facility ? Do they accept our design (carry in CD or so) ? Also that is one side or both ?

    Thank you

  4. Re: Din

    When you enter Oberon mall you can see a stall at the end which has display of mugs.
    You can either have them shoot your images or you could provide yours to them and they will get you the print.

    It includesa the tshirt they provide.


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