Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Never send girls to study in Chennai or Banglore

You will be worried and will think why I have a title similar to this. I went the last sunday to watch a film called " ithu nangalude lokam", after I saw this movie I decided my cousins will not be sent to any banglore or chennai for studies. The story of the movie is that a girl and a boy joins a school and fall in love, they destroy their studies and hurt their family.

Eventhough this being a movie is fine, at last the hero gets a job in an MNC and gets the girl back but in actual life you will have your future in dustbin.

It is seen most amoung girls and few amoung boys that they route to a wrong path during their studies when departed from their family. Children during this age are behaving as if they are too matured and forget the family who grew them up.

It has been found during research that 70% of girls forget their families during a love affair which is more when compared to boys. Boys in India have a attachment to their families as compared to girls. As all that glitters is not gold similarly all girls are not unique, but the recent trend promotes them to think the love angles during their studies.

Girls should be educated about life and its importance within the family. They should be able to take right judgement at right time considering their family. Happiness of parents is the prime responsibility to be ensured amoung each child, this is the best they can provide to their family.

if you think you have diverse opinions, you are invited to comment. Might be you can change my thoughts.


  1. All girls welcome to Ernakulam

  2. Fine article which is absolutly true up to 95 percentage.Both boys and girls are not remembering about their parents who brought them up with their hard work.They need to think and when they stant on their own they need to help the parents which is their first duty.So Love can be encouraged if there is a chance of marriage and that too after their duties to family, etc.Otherwise no need to go for it and waste time. Marry one with the blessings from family.

    Eventhough after the birth of a child if the parents are admitting, but in th bottom of the heart of parents they will think about the sin done by them at least once in a day sure being a mother I can tell.I also pray to God not to happen this with my kids.

  3. Hello :),
    I ve actualy left my comment on the place whr u wrote about the bus seat reservatn n stuffs...quite a lot to read on ur blog i must say...n simple n interesting too...but about this topic that u said..i totally disagree with u..every individual is unique, u can nevr generalise n say tht girls 4get parents....may i know as on which research says that 70% girls 4get their parents when they are in a relation wit a guy. u know to hav an affair u dont hav to go to chennai or bangalore.
    Its all on u, what u r, how strong r the values u have in u, how much u value ur family.. i dont think that our family ties r so weak tat it can be forgotten or broken if u go to some other city! Its purely on that person, can u say that girls/boys in our own cities lik kochin/tvm will not hv affairs?no love mariages or relations happening thr??
    :)Think.... n yea keep blogging :)

  4. Yes;let's put the whole responsibility on girls; true Indian style.Who are you people

  5. I haven't read a more chauvinistic and absolutely trashy piece of writing ever. These, marunaadan mallus come to Kerala and then want to restrict the girls here, because they do not like the modern and independent non Kerala girls of Mumbai, Bangalore etc, who would have probably snubbed their advances. Frustrated lot.

  6. Re: Anonymous

    If you feel I am wrong then show the world that girls are as responsible as boys OR more responsible than boys when it comes to their family. My intention was not to pinpoint any girl but to make them think whether they are on the right track.

    You feel I am wrong... then I would need each girl in this world to comment that I am wrong.I would be pleased to hear that and then my objective will be accomplished.

    I personally want, no girl to move on the wrong track burning their lives for a mere love and affection they see in a small span of their life not thinking for their family who made them grow old.

    Make your family proud! Don't fall in the traps some ladies have fallen before.


  7. Such blogs should be banned! What rubbish.

  8. Re:Anonymous

    I hope you did not read it well.
    There is nothing targetted. If you feel you are not among them then you can change my thoughts.

    I would be happy... families will be happy if this trend could be changed

  9. bad blog
    you are totally wrong abt girls being detached to their family.
    this blog is biased.
    and the 70% that you are talking about includes you too.

  10. I could see different opinions parked here.What i would like to record is, it all depends on circumstances and situations. These days girls / boys go extra mile to get what they want for them and parents should support them. The world is changing drastically and we need to ensure that we also change along with. If parents are successful in imparting their kids good values and customs they need not compromise on the same when it comes to their kids marriage. I support love marriage and i am sure every one should as long as there are no strong reasons to object.

  11. Seshu Gopal VundavalliJune 18, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    Nice and Great information.

  12. This is really nice information about all the movies from different languages.

  13. It was really nice blog with your real strategies.

  14. Did u know about the presence of godfearing and righteous girls in Bengaluru??? Its not too hard to fond dem

  15. Hi Anju, apologize if it hurt your feelings. My comment is not on all the girls but there are always two sides of a coin as in in life.

  16. Hi Anju, apologize if it hurt your feelings. My comment is not on all the girls but there are always two sides of a coin as in in life.


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