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A Morning at Moonar - Your full tour guide to Moonar

To be honest, this was again the best day of my life with my friends on a tour. My last tour was to "Adirapally and vazhachal" in Trichur district, with my coulegues in office. All my friends at my room were very angry on me from that time, as I did not invite them for it. It was a tour organized by colleagues at office and I could not invite my friends.

It was friday night me, Jinu and sabreesh were wondering how to spend the coming sunday. Jinu said " has been long since we visited anywhere, can we plan a tour to madhurai ? Might be we can arrange a cab from outside or a bus on that route."

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I too understood that it had been long since we guys went outside and enjoyed our holidays, at least a relaxation from daily working routine. But Madurai was too long and a tedious journey and also to and fro journey, visiting places all cannot be finished by one day. We were not able to finalize another place.

I called my uncle and asked if he can figure out some good places around ernakulam that can be visited in one day and we can also return the same day. He advised us to visit Moonar and guided to locate different places there and also the timings we should be reaching there.

We decided and made our minds, "yes we have to visit Moonar". Before finalizing we called our mentor and advisor advocate " Mr. Biga" for suggestions. He agreed and we started to plan our tour.

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[Details about Moonar]

"Moonar" is one of the beautiful hill station covered with widespread tea plantations and is 133Kms from Cochin. It has an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 meters above the sea level and boasts the highest peak in south India 'Anamundi'.

Munnar is the favourite summer resort of European tourists. The name 'Munnar' means 'Three Rivers' and they are actually three mountain stream, Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, confluence at the heart of the town, meeting all the water requirements of the settlers and visitors.

Carrots at Moonar hill top

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We started around 4 am in the morning so that we can reach there before 7 am and visit Rajamala. Rajamala is a part of the Eravikulam national park, where wild goats can be found and the visitors entry starts from 7 am in the morning.

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The route from Ernakulam to Munnar crosses through the following places: Kolencherry - Muvattupuzha - Kothamangalam - Adimali.

Instructions and guide for a trip to Moonar:

1. You should always keep a sweater or a subsequent clothing that can keep you hot because the temprature at moonar is too cool.

2. If you are visiting Moonar and want to know the best route from your source in kerala then you can visit this website

3. Keep adequate money for purchasing fancy items and antiques. Food is cheaper than Ernakulam or any other city in Kerala.

4. You can have your breakfast from any small hotel which can be found around Rajamala or Moonar. They maintain the same cleanliness and hygiene as the big hotels.

5. Fill your petrol/ diesel/ gas tank to x liters that enables you to meet your destination Moonar. You can find the distance from the link in second point. If you are short of petrol you can find petrol pump at the hearts of Moonar, but do fill the tank so that you can reach all your planned places, you will not find another petrol pump after that according to my knowledge.

6. If you are going through ernakulam first visit rajamals that is opposite to the hill top. You can view rajamala and return to hill top, as Rajamala will be closed to visitors after certain period. Also do ensure the availability of Rajamala as it will be clossed during some months.

7. You can find devikulam and maatupetti during your visit to the hill top.

8. Do not waste your time after Rajamala and do move towards Hill top.

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The following were the points I think will help you during your journey. Now coming to our tour, we went to Rajamala and were notified that it will only open during the Aprils. We visited tea plantations and a little waterfall near to Rajamala. While on our enquiry we were told not to go beyond Rajamala towards tamil nadu as there are no other attractions. We went back to Moonar and went towards hill top.

You can view dams, rivers, do boating, shooting, shopping, view sanctuary and travel upon horses and elephants during your journey to hill top. It was really fascinating and adventurous.

We returned around 4:30 visiting Theattekad bird Santuary and Bhootathan kettu on the way to ernakulam. I hope we will be too energetic for the office the next day.


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