Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maradu vedikkettu - The first vedikkettu seen by me at Ernakulam

I was able to witness one of the famous fistival of fireworks at Ernakulam, the "Vedikkettu" yesterday 07 march 2009. Vedikettu is a festival where different types of fireworks are being burnt, ranging from small to large fireworks inorder to please the Devi of the temple.

Vedikkettu is held at Maradu in Ernakulam district. vedikkettu, otherwise known as "Thalappoli Maholsavam", "Maradu Vedikkettu" or "ulsavam at Marattil Kottaram Baghavathy Kshethram." It is usually in February or March and is the biggest "Fire Works" in Ernakulam district.

This festival is conducted by 2 committees known as "Vadakke Cheruvaram" (North side of the Temple) and "Thekke Cheruvaram" (South side of the Temple).

Vedikkettu is celebrated for two days, the first being called a "sample vedikkettu" ( testing for the final day) and second the final vedikkettu. Sample vedikkettu has fireworks being burnt for half an hour, while the final vedikkettu spans 2 hours to 2 and half hours.

On the first day of sample vedikkettu, I left office at 6 pm went to room, refreshed myself and then went to maradu. I was not aware that it is held for half an hour so could not witness this. The next day it was notified to start by 8.30 pm, so I reached there early. The final vedikkettu started with large bangs of firewoks in the sky " BANG ! BONG !", followed by different types of marvelous arts illustrated through rockets in the sky.

The fireworks kept all the people busy till two hours without making anyone feel bored.


  1. I was browsing thru the blogs and was excited to see the maradu vedikkettu,b'coz its a nostalgic memory of my childhood.
    thanks a lot dear friend....

  2. i am born in mum used to say those who born in maradu wont cry even in there childhood time by hearing the lighting sound of cracker. In my case same happened. Even am very hearing it from the year i born. I didn’t cry. That’s what we all people in maradu blessed with kottaram bhagavaty...wherever in the world i am...i will be in maradu at the time of maradu thalapoli :) as we all know how risky it was. Still we all ready to do it for bhagavaty.Me myself and all my family is included in the thalapoli festival in backend and front end...we love bhagavaty.’’Amme Narayana ‘’


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