Monday, March 16, 2009

Fast food - fast steps to half an hour cooking for dinner

I should say a few "Daadi ke nuske... sorry Abhi ke nuske" will be presented in this article. This article is dedicated to the 'immature-cookers'(cooking persons under training). I used the word immature-cookers for the ladies who are loved ones by their parents and the boys who are new to cooking field( as the modern trend allows boys to cook while the girls are watching cradled-serials).

A saint attains his extreme aim of nirvana when he understands god, similarly a boy / girl learns to cook immature food when he/ she joins an IT company. You might be sick working 8-10 hours a day for a 26 day-month and feel too lazy to prepare food and too lazy when you understand you are cooking something other than what you planned to cook. 'It happens'; but you should get rid of this bad habit of eating outside.

Mother calls a boy and ask " hey Pappu, what did you eat today ?". The boy replies' Fast food'. [echo sound everywhere] '' FAST FOOD... FAST FOOD''. Oh man! you will have to take a stomach for rent if you go on eating fast food. Try to prepare by yourself. You can try chappati and vegetable sabji.

If you are still worried how to get a tedious cooking easy, just follow the steps.

30 Minutes menu for your dinner:

1. Ingredients all you need is onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, cinnamon and wheat flour.

2. You need to have a gas( A kinetizer will do), a chappati maker( if you do not know to prepare a chappati.

3. Make the dough out of the flour by pouring water into it. You should keep in mind you pour adequate water that ensures you are making dough for a chappati not a cake.

4. you can then make chappaties, if you are new to this arena of round chappati designing, you must prefer a chappati maker. Too easy and simple to use and costs just Rs. 1700. See my earlier post on how to choose a chappati maker.

5. For preparing a sabji.. cut the onion into small pieces. Do ensure they are small because big onion pieces do not cook well in short time. Cut the tomato into small pieces along with ginger and garlic being the minute cut pieces among all.

6. Smash the ginger and garlic in a mixer, put some salt to it. Do not add too much of salt.

7. Heat the onions in low flame oil and when little brownish in color add pepper and cinnamon and let it be heated for 2 mins; later add tomatoes to it. Close the lid for 10 minutes and later remove it and smash the tomatoes by adding garlic ginger paste to it. Pour some water and check the salt, if you need a bit more add the needed.

8. let it go deep cooking with flame high and lid open. Stir well so that it does not stick down the vessel.

Aaaha ! the food is ready. So hope you will have food at your own room from next time. I have seen my mother preparing food and now I am a perfect chef.

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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful & interesting recipy...but if girls do follow your instructions...ten all days u'll guys have to eat d same it worth....!!!!!

    But any way...ur tips i will i am totally null in kitchen....

    Thanks buddy


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