Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bright morning with "kora katta"

As you know we have being experimenting ourselves with quiet a lot of food items. yesterday we decided to prepare something really sweet. After a long long thinking the decision was made to make a kerala receipe called korakatta.

kora katta and ela appam

Korakatta is actually made from rice with jaggery and coconut as ingrediants. Jk the chef started preparing it. At start we were not at all ready to accept that this married man can do some miracle, but why not to give this "system-maniac" a chance.

Jk stated with making dough with the rice powder and later placed jaggery and coconut crunch within it. I already decided that today my stomach is going to get a tough workout. Jk told me to taste a piece and as I always say, to my astonishment it was really delicious.

I was able to understand the fact later why this was so delicious, know why ?
Because I brought all the ingredients. ( Kai Punyam )

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