Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recession - will we make it to an end

Thinking on the mass effect of recession. It has affected the market, each business, each individual, living etc..

Just think where we are, are we moving towards something that will drown in a day or two. I thought a lot today about where I am and what am I supposed to do. Is my track the right one ? So many questions.

The questions that arise in my mind are far far not answerable. When I turn back to my past I often think " have I made a good move" ? " Am I working somewhere where I should be"?

What am I? From my childhood I never thought about myself, neither my future ... not about anything. Became older, reached collages where the actual slogan still pierce deep into my ear buds " youth ".

Damn youth.. I never enjoyed my life. IS it ? Do these questions araise in everyones mind ?

To say really I was not so bad at my studies even. Besides a girl there was no single person in front of me in the entire university who have scored more than me in my final year examinations.

I thought to be a researcher... a person completely always busy, thinking on something creative.

Have I chosen a profession, a firm that will drown into this recession, will my job be in danger ?

So am I on the wrong track?

Of course I am not into any fortune 500 companies neither into any research, but I still consider the same thing the same spirit I had during my college days, you know what ?

I am the best and I can do anything the another guy can. Yes so thats it. No recession can beat you, it is not a natural calamity, neither a disease that will lead all the human beings to death.

Confidence should come from inside, you guys reading this might wonder why this person wrote this all about. Simple, to make you understand that never feel defeated and never accept your defeat before any situation in life, recession..... anything.

What you can do, "NO ONE CAN DO".
So declare your fight against recession and move ahead.

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