Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pizza hut Cochin - Dinner

Yesterday we went for shopping.
Jk my friend need to buy a pair of shoe and we had to buy a chappati maker. We went to the woodlands at MG road and bought a pair of shoes for Jk. Jk took atleast an hour to select a shoe. Atlast he selected one and we went in search of a shop where we can find home appliances.

Near Woodlands junction we found a store. There were two brands one by Ramson and another by Vijay. Vijay was around 1900 and Ramson around 1700 rupees. I asked the shopkeeper whether there are any differences amoung the two. He said that there were no such differences except that they were both different brands.

We bought Ramsons chappati maker and then decided to have some food. We went to chitoor road where the Pizza hut is located.

Jk and me ordered a chicken Pizza and Biga a malai rancho. To make the scene and the eating an experience a lot of colours entered in. Biga was unable to eat as he was not able to move his head away from the other side where the colours setteled to eat.

It was a nice experience in the pizza hut and I pray to god it is not repeated again.
You wonder why, Isn't it ? Simple.. Lost a lot of money thats it.

I would suggest you guys to go for a family pack if the majority in the group needs the same flavour.

That would be more feasible and ecnomical. The worst part there are ofcourse the taxes.

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