Saturday, February 21, 2009

Makante achan at shenoys

Yesterday while sitting at the room, we thought why not to see a movie in a theater. It has been 4-5 months since we last saw a movie. Biga said that we should ask Google about the movies being played recently in Ernakulam.

I took my lap and asked Google to show the movies, and it returned as the result where I can see all the latest movies running in theaters across India.
The movies which I found interesting were red chillies, makante achan and Delhi 6.
I though we should watch Delhi 6 but; "Biga" the old "Humpty Dumpty" was not intrested.

And finally we came to a conclusion to watch Red chillies or Makante achan.

The movie was to begin at 9 pm. We went in search of something to eat so as to satisfy the stomach.
Both of these movies are at MG road, and to our surprise we found Pai brothers that has 36 types of dosas.

Hmm... biga was planning to eat all 36 but his wallet told ......" No, Biga you are not professional in washing utencils, so please dont".

We ate egg dosa, ummm... it was awesome yaar...
You can find Pai brothers on the same side to shehnoys, inside a narrow street with a big board. The dosas there are worth watching and 1-2 for eating at one time.

We searched around for Red chillies but no chance, the next option was makante achan and to surprise got the ticket. Biga told me " Abhilash it is our luck that we didnt get the ticket for the later as there were no colours, all were black and white". His interest lies there..

Makante Achan is a good movie centered around a father and a son where the father depicts a character always worried about the enterance exam of his son.. to get a seat for engineering. It really potrays what's happening around in the society.

Was a nice movie, and at last I regreted that this movie did not come 8-9 years back.. otherwise I would have been releived from the " study study " dialogue of my mother...


  1. If this movie has been released 8 years back... then now we can'l c Abhilash here..... He might me become a STAR SINGER..(Nope STAR ROARER)

  2. This comment is for your friend,Abhi.Please tell him to think about his KODAVAYAR and not 36 dosas.36 dosas will come and go ,but stoach is yours.please think about it always and not when you are in gim


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