Thursday, February 26, 2009

Laptop doesnot detect CD / DVD drives

On a saturday, While installing updates on my laptop I thought for an appearance of mac os. I have a windows xp installed on my laptop, and it does not look much graphical. I have seen the dock appearance of Mac OS and thought should have a similar one.

IBM think pad

I searched around in Google and found a piece of software that could change my xp look like a mac OSX. I installed it but the size was more to cause my laptop to display a message I never like; "Memory low".

I called the admin and he deleted some files that made enough space for the new installation.

I installed the application and the appearance was similar to mac OSX. When I went home and tried to insert a DVD to my drive. The system shows no responce. I tried to fix it but the drivers were corrupted. I guess the drivers were deleted by the administrator by mistake or might be the software caused it to happen.

I tried different methods but could not find the solution. After a pretty good search I could find the registry values that made the CD / DVD drives to appear.

There are two filters within the registry files that cause effect on the CD/ DVD appearance. They are namely upper and lower filters. I deleted the values of both the filters and rebooted my system.

Now the laptop was able to detect the drives.

You can find the registry values by typing regedit in the run window.The path to the registry files was as follows.


What I need to do is delete the values of both the filters and all worked fine. Hope this helps you to correct the problem.

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