Thursday, February 26, 2009

Savitha a new Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus explore America, I read this during my school days. I was surprised to hear about that person who invented the great America, one of the biggest developed nation today. There are a lot of tales that we often read during our school days about the lost tresure and all..

I don't know but if you guys have read comics you may come across a lot of dectective novels where the cast, the hero finds a lot of hidden secrets and solves misteries.
But it is a old concept and was not been heard for quiet a long time.

You might be wondering why am I writing about such things here... Just because I came across another Columbus of 20th century.

It was 2-3 days before when it was reported on the daily gossip bazar that a valuable resource is being lost from the flat where the software staffs are staying. It was lit as a spark and caught heavy fire within no short time.

Soon came a order from higher authorities to deploy a decision bench, a head for the team who can find the lost item. The qualities of the new dective were to be compared with columbus as the valuable item was still unknown to the dectectives.

Soon the decision bench appointed Savitha as the head for the team to sort the issue for the lost item. savitha the mighty, young, sparking, beautiful, gorgeous,lady with her coulegue vinil went to the software premises.

Then began the great story " A CBI Diary kurippu ". Savitha professional in mighty skills used her tactics, balarama novels and poompata as a guide to find the item. She was fan of Inspector balram and garud from her childhood.

After a clear cut investigation she was able to find the lost resource " a valuable item".

Wow the lost item is still hidden from most of us. I have just heard that there was a feeble noice from savitha at last ... " cheee"

Auguash.. could someone predict the lost item ?

The moral for this story would be " Dont jump into a well if you don't know how deep it is".


  1. "Kuntham Poyal Kudathillum thappanam" Alle kavithe

  2. It would be appriciate.Let us give a reward to Savitha and Sanal.Savitha,Please tell me what was the valuable thing you found out?

  3. Actually it was not a jump into a well.

    I think Just an investigation from Savitha to all wells not a well and so that she was able to count the rocks in bottom in detail .And it helped a lot to improve TBL's wells.

  4. We can proud that we got a lady investigator like Savitha, first time in Kerala. But she is unable to reveal her investigation report , so we can imagine the item found after her investigation. My suggestion is that, she should announce the item what she found , openly, atleast in front of SBL family. Another thing, she is doing this as part time job. Then also her performance is great and energetic. Any way all the best for next time.


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