Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In search of a chappati maker

Today february 17, Tuesday 4: 39 am while sitting in the office after a major project I just thought about my diet. I went home 4-5 months back. It was after 1 year I visited home, saw my parents.

My mother prepares the sweetest food in this world. At least it appears to me though.
Since it was a long time I departed from my family, my mother gave me all the loving food that she could within the 1 week holiday. I ate like a hungry elephant that saw the sugarcane farms after starvation.

When back from home I noticed that my weight went above 80 kg's. Cheeks were chubby..Jyotsna varma ( a "friend" here )told I become too fat. Remember the old poem chubby chicks , dimpkled chin, rosy lips........

Now it was too bad for me to move and breathe .
I decided to get rid of this weight. joined a gym. Within 2-3 weeeks with the diet control menu I am now 70 kgs. I have decided to stop rice completely in my meals.

Now apart from rice I only know to make chappatis. Making chappati was a tedious task. i decided to purchase a chappati maker which would bake chappaties for me.

Asked the store nearby and came to know it cost 2500 rupees. I thought money is not a problem but the store have only one brand. 

Decided to shop cochin for a roti maker. 

hey.. guys its 4:51 am here.. think should sleep....

See ya with the stories tomorrow.


  1. did u find a chapati maker?

  2. yes I have purchased it.

    Please read it.



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