Friday, February 20, 2009

Formating a nokia N70

Yesterday whole night I was busy with my craze.. my gadget ( Nokia n70 ). I tried to load Nokia maps 3-4 months before into my mobile and tested how it works. After I uninstalled it the whole mobile went slow. The gallery and messages took a lot of time to open. I thought it might be the problem of any associated files from the same software and left it unnoticed.

While browsing the Nokia n70 I thought why not to get it fast again. I started searching for the codes or the ways to get my mobile phone restore its old settings.. but how can it solve the problem ?

I thought to figure it out. I removed the memory card from the cell and tried searching the gallery and messages; to my astonishment it was working fine but when I connect the MMc to n70 it gets slow. I found that n70 was facing some problem to read the data at a higher rate from the mmc.

I thought to format the mmc. saved my mesages and contacts by copying it and pasting to a folder. Then I clicked format from the memory option in n70. here there comes a message " memory card already in use".

It was unable to complete the command. I was unable to find the possible solutions in all forums. Then I thought about removing all the installed applications from the temporary cache of n70. For that I would have to restore the phone memory to old settings. I searched for the code to reset the set.
I did it and was able to format the card.

When I checked the cell again, I found that it was working faster as before.

But now was the main problem. i was not able to paste the saved messages to the inbox again. I found that the best means to retain the messages to phone again is to keep a backup of them through a pc suite than can later restore them again.

So guys this was the solution to the problem faced by a n70 user. Try to follow it when you have a similar problem. I hope this will solve your problem.

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