Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favourites at Jinu's birthday

Sunday was a great day for me, think why ? Hey I had my favourite payasam that day.

Wake up in the morning as always and prepared my morning breakfast, on Sunday it was sandwitch. We were 4 at the room; me, Jinu, Prasanth and Sabreesh. It was 10 am in the morning and all of them were still sleeping. Around 10.30 am Sabreesh rose from the bed.. just like the Frankenstein who rose from the coffin in a movie.

He came closer to me and said in a feeble, though tough voice " Abhilash mm.... I am feeling hungry ". This was the first time I heard something creative from his mouth. Called all the guys and we went to the Royal bakery... I think they had a brush up.

I still remember a word that a uncle told me when I refused to eat the breakfast at his home, because I did not brush. He told me " Abhilash sher kabhi brush nahi karte ( Abhilash Lions never brush their teeth)" .. ha ha..

Had food and then planned to do a shopping for the lunch and dinner. Me and jinu went to purchase items from a super market and the others went to purchase fresh vegetables.

While shopping jinu purchased a cover for making payasam " kheer", I wondered what happened to this guy ? why are all of them thinking in a creative way .. today.. I asked jinu, and he replied .. " Abhilash today is my Happy Birthday".

ha ha.. how happy I was. not because it was Jinu's birthday, but because it was a great day when I can eat a lot of payasam.

Payasam is a dish that's being prepared in India for great occasions. In north India temples serve payasam to devotees, though its chandanam in South.

This was a readymade set for the payasam. Just we need to boil the items in the pack and pour milk and its ready. If you want to prepare one I would suggest to go for a "readymade pal ada". This is better for any lay man. If you are better at cooking you can go for "sarkara ada" or "sarkara payasam" ( this is the one that has jaggery within ").

For details on preparing a payasam refer this link.


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