Thursday, February 19, 2009

Craze for Nokia n97

I hope I do not have craze for money.. Is it ?         yes..I dont, but I understand it is a need.

I hope I do not have craze for Girls... Is it ?  yes.. I dont. That is something I never had craze for. I did not saw any girl in my life that can create the craze in me ( except one - but thats a college case and over )

Then for, what is the topic I have craze for.. they are gadgets. Gadgets and technologies are the only one I have craze for. Now the latest gadget I am expecting and where my eyes are stuck is the nokia n97. 

N97 is different with its best style and the touch pad option. 
Beleived to be providing the best software suport for next 10 years, N97 is expected to be called a pocket laptop. It will have all the extra features that will make it appear and work as a laptop.

I am always excited by the Nokia handsets and the software support they provide. It is unique.

I expect it to go beyond 40,000 rupees. It will be released by this year end in India. 
But I would advise not to purchase the set before it is live in the market for 6-7 months, as there may be different problems that come to notice ones it is in use. So let the set populate and then give a try.

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